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You will be joining a network of colleagues who, like you, work hard to make a positive impact in one of the nation's most important and complex environmental fields where resource management, engineering, public health, and the environment all come together in solid waste management.

As a Member of the Volunteer Chapter of SWANA, you will experience:

  • Opportunities to network and share ideas with fellow solid waste professionals,

  • Timely updates on regulations and changes that will affect your operations, and

  • Access to the world's largest solid waste library (over 7,000 volumes).

The Volunteer Chapter of SWANA currently has a membership consisting of over 125 people who are engaged in the solid waste business in Tennessee. SWANA strives to be a primary source of information and networking opportunities to solid waste professionals in Tennessee. SWANA serves solid waste program directors and superintendents, public works directors, environmental engineers, consultants, private haulers, recycling coordinators, equipment manufacturers and distributors, landfill operators, waste-to-energy professionals, regulatory officers, elected officials, university faculty and staff, regional planners and finance officers.

Public Sector Individual Member


Young Professional Member


Private Sector Individual Member


Retired Member


Small Business Individual Member


Full Time Student Member


Scholarship Program

Our chapter established a scholarship program in 2003 which is open to the son, daughter, adopted son or daughter, grandson or granddaughter of a member or sponsor in good standing with the Tennessee Volunteer Chapter of SWANA. For scholarship details contact Mary Anderson at

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